Monday already?

This weekend went by fast. I was just thinking while listening to some music how many musicians I listen to (a continuation of my youth, to be fair…) are dead. It certainly lets you know you are getting old when bands you loved as a teenager are either playing state fairs on one-off shows or defunct. Quiet Riot no longer has any original members, and the sound is quite different. Kevin DuBrow and Frankie Banali have both passed away. Those guys on the back of the album cover, who in real life were probably not all that great, are no longer here. I never admired them, nor did I seek to emulate them. I was (and am) my own person. I don’t let anyone think for me, nor do I worship celebrity. I find that sort of behavior sheep-like and unbelievably shallow. I admired their talent, for sure. I enjoyed their music (and still do), but I do not model my life after them.

I never followed trends. I never looked in a magazine to see what to wear. I wore what I wanted. I was more about comfort than fashion… which explained why I didn’t wear ties. 🙂 The sad reality of Jr. High and High School was that people tried to imitate other “cool” people and looking back, you could see how shallow that was. I was one of the few who did what I wanted. It didn’t matter that most people thought I was weird. The people I socialized with were computer nerds just like me. We all liked to play video games, board games and watch Kung Fu Theater. 🙂 The difference I had with them was that I never changed to fit a new thing. Some of my friends did, going down the “rap” fad, liking whatever was on the airwaves at the time, I suppose. We still got along though, because they all knew I wasn’t a follower. That made high school bearable, to be honest. I wouldn’t have minded if no one hung out with me, because I was my own man, but having a few guys to hang out with and play BBS door games (who remembers those?) on a Friday night instead of trying to become a father at 15 made things flow more smoothly.

I wasn’t into socialization. I wasn’t a joiner, though for college fodder, I joined the wargames and computer clubs in high school. (I was already playing wargames with the folks in the club, so why not make it official? Battletech was my favorite, along with Star Trek Starship Combat Simulator by Fasa.) I guess my ramblings have come full circle. I’m officially “old”. My music is outdated, my movies are “classics” now (not really, they were never mainstream), and I don’t really care for the new stuff. Except bands like Alestorm, Amon Amarth and Judicator (who I am a patreon supporter of, thank you very much.)

I suppose I’ll hit the hay.. I really wish things would go back to the days of vinyl and my old room in Florida, with my Amiga and C64 still on my computer desk. I miss my old “bank remodeling sale” office chair (the “command chair”) that squeaked like an old bed when you moved. Glorious times, gents. Glorious. Still, I like my music at my fingertips now (2TB HDD full of my music collection, that is considerably larger than it ever was on vinyl or even CD), and I like the idea that I can still be me and not worry about anyone else’s opinion. As Dee once said “I am… I’m me.” 🙂