I have always extolled the virtues of Vim, mainly because I started my Unix career using Vi (ed really killed my brain before I found Vi), and I really love the editor. It’s got enough going for it to be more than an editor for many people, and just simple enough to edit text files when you need it. I am by no means an expert (and I constantly find new things in Vim that I enjoy, including features that I never knew I needed until I started using them), but I love Vim. I am not against Emacs, but I have found that I gravitate towards Vim more often than not. I think Emacs is a smashing good editor (the buffers are super useful once you get used to them), but I simply gravitate towards my first love… Vim.

That being said, I installed NeoVIM which is a “Vim on Steroids”, I guess you could say. (As an aside, I love Debian. It’s such a great distro…) I’m just scratching the surface of the new features NeoVIM has. As I find more about it, I like it quite a bit. It won’t supplant Vim for me, because I can’t use NeoVIM everywhere (particularly at work), and Vim will always be a great tool in my small, but fun, Linux toolbox.