Choosing an IDE (for programming efficiently)

I have to do a lot of “updates” to existing codebases in my job, which is fun in its own, sort of quirky way. I like to see how some people program… it gives a good idea how they think. (I’m sure people looking at my code probably think I’m a schizo with ADHD.) By and large it’s easy to find where I’m going using my trusty VIM (and my complete mental block at remembering how to do things in the editor), but there are times I need to refactor the code considerably, and I find an IDE would fit nicely… at least I think so.

So, I’m on a small, short-lived (I told you people think I have ADHD) trek to find a great IDE for both C/C++ and Python/scripting of all sorts. It doesn’t have to have a million plugins, nor does it have to do much in the way of making a “complete” environment (build and whatnot). But what I’d like to have is an idea where classes are defined and breakdown where functions are (and how/when they’re called.) I’ll have to try quite a few, but since I’m an official linux-only developer, I’m set with tons of examples. (Stay tuned… or not….)