Unicomp Keyboards

I always change my keyboard. It’s a sickness, I suppose, but I am never truly 100% satisfied with any keyboard I buy. (It means I have a stack of keyboards that might kill small animals if it ever tipped over too). The last time I bought a “non-cheap” (I don’t really think the ones I buy are expensive, because I don’t go over $150), was my Coolermaster RGB refurb for $79. I like it a bit, mainly because it has Cherry MX Blue switches (I like the sound), but it isn’t perfect (and I think the RGB is pointless). I don’t think I would’ve bought it at full price (RGB apparently adds $40 to the price of the keyboard, because it’s “full” RGB, and not just a bunch of colored LEDs.)

So, I watched a few youtube videos and learned about Unicomp. It’s a company that arose out of the Lexmark spun off company that was part of IBM during the days of the Model M keyboards. Apparently IBM spun off the business after a time, which is documented on their website Anyhow, I thought I’d buy one (the last model M style keyboard I had was an old Dell that came with my Pentium II).

So far, I like it quite a bit. It’s comfortable, sturdy, and it really feels good to type on it, even for a long period of time. I haven’t had it long enough to give a really “thorough” review, but over time I’ll post how I am getting along with it. I hope to keep this one in my keyboard tray for quite a while. 🙂