Laptop shopping

I can’t really think of a reason to buy one, but I figure I could do with one, at least a not-so-powerful one that does the things I need (in Linux of course), and one that isn’t too hard to read for my bad eyesight. My desktop is an i5, but on the low-end of the spectrum, so I really am not one of those who thinks it necessary to get the latest chipsets each and every iteration. I probably won’t update this desktop until it gives up the ghost (more than the accessory components, mind you). So when looking for a laptop, I have a broader spectrum of choices, albeit ones that are more Linux-friendly than not.

I’ll keep you posted as to the search as I dig around the stores and Amazon/Best Buy. There’s no rush, and I’m not settled on screen size yet. I am leaning towards portability, but the larger screen might help my eyes. Anyhow, that’s in the future…. until then… I must shoot the alien menace before it lands!