Broke My Filco

After much fiddling when I bought new keycaps, I finally was able to break the spacebar on my Filco Majestouch TKL keyboard (with the black keyswitches). It was my first mechanical keyboard purchase, and I think I may have overpaid for it, but I liked it quite a bit, since it dispensed with the numeric keypad (something I only need when I’m playing Nethack and forget the other key layout.)

Still, it stinks that I got all of the keys replaced and I mucked up the spacebar. I figured the one I’d break was the Enter or the left shift (which I broke one of the feet holders already way back when.) I might try to fix it one day, but until then, I’ll just set it aside. I won’t be buying a keyboard to replace it just yet. I’ll give it more thought than I usually do, and in many cases there are a ton of knock-off and almost-expensive (and a couple of expensive) keyboards that I have bought over the years because I am still, even in 2019, searching for the “perfect” keyboard.

I think I’ll just use my HHK2 and call it even. There is no such thing as a perfect keyboard, I’m thinking now. But who knows? I might find one in the near future and it’s just waiting to be purchased. Until then, I like that my HHK2 has a nice USB hub built in that lets me plug my mouse into it rather than using another slot on my PC. 🙂 I think that’s a neat feature of keyboards that has fallen by the wayside. I’m under no illusions that my HHK2 is a powerhouse, but it’s quite the little footprint, which is something I like. I do refuse to pay $400 for a similar sized (“real” HHK) and I don’t fancy paying $199 for a 60% keyboard just because it’s 60%.

I would like to say that the PBT doubleshot keycaps are a must-have in all my new keyboards, though. They look and feel great. They don’t feel slippery like the regular ones, and due to their texture, resist the “shiny” parts that you generally get on the well-used keys of a keyboard after a few years. All things considered, wasting a few hundred bucks on mechanical keyboards has taught me not to have too staunch muscle memory when typing. I like that, since I frequently have to use different keyboards all the time. 🙂 We’ll have to see if the “perfect mechanical keyboard” actually exists. It’ll be fun to shop now and again to see how they are coming along. 🙂