Addicted to Mechanical Keyboards

It’s official. I’m addicted to mechanical keyboards. I now own no less than 5 of varying types and quality. I recently added a Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro to my collection. It has true RGB (like one of my Logitech Gaming keyboards that I can’t recall the name off the top of my head). It’s a beautiful bit of color that I never thought I’d need on a keyboard (until I bought one.) After reading Reddit’s Mechanical Keyboard Guide, I settled on the Cooler Master (or Coolermaster) from their picks, because it’s the nice sweet spot between the WASD and the off-brand “mechanical-like” keyboards on the market. WASD makes some awesome keyboards, but their cheapest cost models are $150 and up. This Cooler Master came in at $99 with free shipping from Amazon. Now, for $150, WASD gives you some seriously good stuff, but nothing with RGB. I have a Cherry MX Green WASD keyboard that I love, with the notable exception of its height. It reminds me, as I might’ve said earlier, of my old Breadbox C64 in how I felt typing on it. I still use the WASD, but not as my daily typer. 🙂 That’s the Cooler Master for now.

A small aside that I like (along with the WASD) the Cooler Master has no “Windows” keys. This keyboard has their logo printed on what would be that key. My WASD has a Tux logo. I appreciate that companies are learning that Windows/Mac aren’t the only games in town. I’ll be writing emails and fiddling with this keyboard for the next week or two and I might write a follow-up that details the “first week with the Cooler Master”. It depends upon how much info I can get out of using it (other than “it’s great” or “I hate it after X days” sorts of things.)

I’m off to play with the lighting now… the RGB wave that it is using now is neat, but I like to fiddle. 🙂