Fiddling with keyboards

I am apparently very difficult to please when it comes to keyboards. I’ve had plenty (loved quite a few, but mostly didn’t like them after a period of adjustment), but none have been “perfect”. The closest one was my original Microsoft Natural Keyboard (before the “Elite”) that was quite comfortable and easy to keep my hands on and level. It now holds a spot in my office at work for my development machine. It’s a great keyboard that I truly wish I had bought a spare or two. (I often wonder why Microsoft quit making that keyboard, but I reckon it’s based on cost.)

Another useful keyboard was my Ninja Tenkeyless from Filco. It was my first mechanical keyboard and used Cherry MX Black switches (which have a very rigid feel to them and aren’t “clicky” like the Greens or Blues). I bought it because it was a keyboard without a numeric keypad, which reminded me of my old 8-bit machines. Still, in spite of its heavy travel on the keys, I used it quite a bit. I bought a WASD Keyboard with Green MX switches, and those were great too, but they were clicky and heavy travel (for some reason.) I felt like I was typing on my old C-64 keyboard at times with the high front and even higher back. The keyboard is built like a tank, though and I appreciate its durability. I just needed to use a wrist wrest for extended typing sessions.

I have had many knockoff keyboards too, since I am a sucker for a cheap RGB Chinese knockoff for $20. I have a couple of them, including a Wal Mart branded “Blackweb” cheap Chinese knockoff. I am currently using it because it has a built-in wrist wrest. Of course it’s a large keyboard and though I use a trackball, there’s little room in my pullout keyboard drawer for anything but the keyboard and trackman. 🙂 It’s louder than the Green MX (not sure what knockoff keycaps they’re using), and it has that pleasant RGB coloring that the Logitech G keyboards have (I had one of those too, but I didn’t like the travel on the keys all that much.)

So, if you count the myriad of keyboards that either came with PCs I’ve bought or purchased used on a whim (plus my micro keyboards and my mechanical ones), I’ve bought far too many keyboards to count. I’m going to stick with this Blackweb one (which wasn’t terribly expensive, so I surmise it’ll last less time than my Filco or WASD.) But if some other keyboard comes along and tickles my wallet, I might just move to another. 🙂 I am fickle, and I certainly don’t have brand loyalty when it comes to keyboards. 🙂