Rust and Go

In 2019, I’m going to add to my language repertoire with Rust, Go, and Java. Java is a minor addition, because we’re doing some conversion from Java to other languages (Oracle’s new licensing is really putting a damper on usage. Some projects are going to OpenJDK, but some are being converted.)

I have fiddled with Go for a bit and I am impressed. It has all the power of C with Python’s ease of syntax and simplicity. I rather like it so far. I have been working on a django web project and think some of the things can be handled by Go, given its ability to do web-based backend stuff without much code. It’s too early to tell, but it might work. šŸ™‚

As for Rust, I have found some great books, and given Firefox has been rewritten in Rust, I have to give the language a shot. If for no other reason to get the two books on making your own interpreter and compiler in Rust. It just sounds like fun. I don’t do as much system level programming anymore, but I still like to fiddle from time to time. It’s a hobby, but if it pans out and I need it someday soon, I’ll be all the more ready.

Of course I will still work in Python, because I love the language. I have some great ideas for things and tools I could use (while at the same time honing my skills and learning new concepts), and with Python it helps to keep up with the language. It doesn’t hurt that it’s my favorite language to code in either. I’m really interested in Pygame for some ideas I have and some toolkits I could make for hobbyist stuff i do with MAME roms and whatnot. You know, to automate the boring stuff. Plus, I’d like to, even though it’s a bit outdated, learn Curses, so that I can make some things in the terminal that I think would be neat. Mostly, I’m just working along and seeing where it takes me.

I would like to get into more text processing (for things like conversion and whatnot), so that I can get a handle on manipulating text fluently and without a lot of iterative steps and brute-force methods for dealing with data. I can use those techniques at work and at home, given that text processing is always something one needs to do. I can do that in Python and Go as well. Given that I have not learned enough Perl to do anything useful, I suppose I could brush up on some of the streaming features of the language. But suffice to say, Python is the language of choice (for me at least) when it comes to manipulating text.

One day I’ll retire and I’ll probably hang up the coding hat, but I’m not there yet. And given that I’m not prolific in my output (doing little things here and there) should be enough for me not to get burned out on the tasks. Now that I eschewed Social Media, I’m free to jot down things here and do what I love, rather than try to interact with trolls and rotten people online. It should be a fun adventure.