New Start to 2019

I’ve decided that social media isn’t my thing. I deactivated my Twitter account. I have not deleted my Gab account, because I’ve got a year of Pro. Once it lapses, I will probably deactivate it as well. It’s not healthy. None of it is. I haven’t been back to Facebook since 2005 or so. My main Twitter account was suspended for spurious reasons by the staff of Twitter, because I dared respond to a violent threat made by a leftist. I had a new account that I used, but I decided against continuing after I was suspended for 7 days (like some teenager) for daring to match insults with a leftist. Those who think Twitter is relevant are those who are most likely attached to it emotionally and spiritually. It’s not healthy.

I am now going to blog from time to time, get back to my programming projects and watch funny Youtube videos when I am not deciding on what game to play. I am still going to convert one of those old pocket war games I bought at Half-Price Books to an electronic solitaire version (they have solo modes.) I think it wouldn’t be too hard to make a minimalist interface so that I can experiment with randomness and that sort of thing.

I need to get back into watching my old cartoons I bought on DVD recently (From the Hanna-Barbera Classics Collection). I miss good cartoons these days. Television is a wasteland of evil and with Tribune and Spectrum/Charter fighting over money, I don’t get AntennaTV without an antenna (ironically enough.) I’ll just watch old cartoons when they’re on (on Boomerang) and RFD TV so I can get Hee-Haw reruns and cool documentaries about trains.


My mind feels better now. It feels calm. I feel calm. I don’t think anyone on Twitter will miss me, but then again, I am not “friends” with anyone electronically anyway. They never noticed I was suspended last time either. I am not the target demographic of Twitter. I’m too old and not narcissistic. God loves everyone, but not many people make it easy for me to love them back, that’s for sure. I pray for patience and peace daily. God bless, and if anyone ever reads this… I’ll try to be more frequently posting. 🙂