New Music 2016

I got some albums in this week! Of course they are really good because I have excellent taste, not to mention I know what I want. The end of the year, or the last quarter of it up to Christmas, is a great time of year for new music. The only downside is that Overkill’s new record is postponed until February. I’ll have something to look forward to in February and March! (March is when the new Nintendo Switch comes out.)  So let’s see what I got as far as music this past month or so (in no particular order):

  1. Hammerfall “Built to Last”  – Great power metal. I have it on continuous playback in my truck.
  2. Testament “Brotherhood of the Snake” – They still got it!  A GREAT album! Thrash masterpiece? You bet.
  3. Vader  “The Empire”  – BRUTALLY good metal. These guys are some of the best death metal players in the field today. 🙂 If you like brutal death metal that isn’t just noise…. Vader is the band for you!
  4. Dee Snider “We are the Ones” – This is surprising, given Dee’s previous solo work. It was quite different from Widowmaker and “Never let the Bastards Wear you down”, and it’s light years away from his Twisted Sister work. I didn’t care for the acoustic “We’re Not Gonna Take it” but that’s just me. It’s an amazing bit of musicianship, just not my taste because that is the song that got me hooked on Twisted Sister in the first place. 🙂
  5. Opeth “Sorceress” – HOLY MOLY this is good stuff. This takes “Heritage” to new heights. It surpasses Pale Communion as my favorite “clean singing” era Opeth record. I have to say, I’m becoming an Opeth fanatic these days. I liked their death metal (of course), but I REALLY became a huge fan when they went a different direction. Weird, I know. I am not above saying that I am more of a fan now than back during the days of “Orchid” (a favorite of mine as well.)
  6. Narnia “Narnia” – I have always liked this power metal band. They have great vocal harmonies that make the songs really cook. I am glad they decided to re-form, because I missed this great guitar-oriented power metal!
  7. Hansen “Three Decades of Metal — XXX” is a POWERFULLY good solo record from the hero of Helloween, Gamma Ray, AND Iron Savior. All among my top bands. (Helloween still has co-lead with Twisted Sister in my list of all time great rock/metal bands.)

I have about 30 metric tons of mp3’s and CDs that I got in just the last 3 months. Too many to list here, but I can safely say there was not a dud among them. 2016 may have been bad in terms of taking our best musicians, but the new music coming out is more than enough salve on the wounds. Looking forward to Overkill’s new CD in February!!!!!