Things I recently found I like

  1. Rollerball pens. (They are easier to write with because they require no pressure on the writing surface.) The downside is they tend to bleed through the page. But being a lefty, I simply write on one side of the paper now. 🙂
  2. Kuru Toga mechanical pencil.   Auto-fill, sharp lead, nice feel in the hand. It’s a great pencil.
  3. Glen Campbell. He really was a great singer. It’s a shame he has faded and hope his Alzheimer’s isn’t too painful for him and his family.
  4. Johnny Cash. I never appreciated him when he was alive, but now I can’t get enough of his great music. Some of it is a bit twangy, but his voice is unmistakable and better than 90% of the current crop of singers.
  5. Old game shows. (Super Password, Tattletales, Let’s Make a Deal, Double Dare with a very young Alex Trebek, Card Sharks, etc.) Thanks Buzzr TV! 🙂
  6. Old Star Trek. Sure I like Wrath of Khan, but now I like the old series much better as I’ve gotten older. The new FX they tack on for external shots makes the stories even more contemporary. 🙂
  7. Diet Sunkist.  Great soda.
  8. Diet Dr. Pepper. (Another sweet soda that is sparkly good, along with the Cherry variant!)
  9. Mozart (never was into him when I was younger.)
  10. Batman cartoons (I liked them, but now I’m more interested in them. Old age I guess.)


Not a bad list 🙂