My newfound love of Cinnamon

Well, I had a good run with Ubuntu MATE. It was fairly robust, with only a few glitches. I did have a devil of a time with strange WM activity (and a huge .xsession-errors file), but other than that, it was a great distro.

But I’m a fan of Mint… and have been for a few versions. (Gave my semi-monthly $20 donation to the project recently.) So I installed Mint 18 last week, but I didn’t opt for the XFCE or MATE Editions. I went straight for Cinnamon.  My 2009-era Intel-Core2-Quad and GeForce GTX 730 should be enough to make the system sing.

I re-partitioned, which meant I lost a few things along the way (I forgot to back up my banking stuff, so I was relying on my spreadsheet/download of transactions to keep track of my money. But tomorrow’s payday, so I can start fresh.)  I had only 8GB for the root partition, which meant I was limited in how much junk I could install. 🙂  You know me, I’m a stickler for trying EVERY variation of linux program to see which ones work best.  But I think I made this new root a bit large (100GB?) All I know is I’ll never run out of space now.

Of course my home directory’s a little smaller, but I keep that pruned nicely and it’ll be fine. I really should move my podcast folder to one of my external drives, though. Anyhow, the installation of Mint was flawless (as usual). It came up in no time and was loaded with the most important bits. I quickly removed Banshee (because it has troubles with large media collections) and installed my favorite apps (Gimp, Audacity, Audacious, etc.)

Things have been pretty good (only one hard lockup early on), and it’s fairly responsive. Cinnamon is full-featured and nicer (to me) than Gnome. I like Gnome 3, but I generally use Gnome when I am working, and everything else is Cinnamon/MATE/XFCE.  The fact that I don’t have an XFCE distro running right now is pretty weird, I think. But XFCE’s been getting bigger and with that, it really makes no practical sense to use it over Cinnamon now (for me. Others may disagree.)

I got myself a “mini” 68 key keyboard from (I suppose) China called the “MagicForce”.  It’s got a champagne color (metal, no less) and some knock-off cherry-mx compatible keys. It’s a nice compact keyboard (which is handy because I don’t have much room in my pull-out keyboard drawer.) It’s a great little keyboard.  Of late, I’ve been having difficulty using the black keyswitches. It has been a bit more travel than I am used to, and it caused fatigue lots of the time. So I’ll have to retire my Filco Ninja Tenkeyless. It was a great keyboard (still is, I just don’t have the finger-strength anymore.)  That’s kinda sad, really. For someone who used an Atari 800 with it’s MASSIVELY heavy keys… this is a bit of a letdown. Thankfully this MagicForce keyboard is fun to use. (and cute too!)



Ain’t it cute? 🙂