“Computer” glasses and seeing clearly

I got myself some “computer” glasses the other day (made from my prescription), and I have to say it’s so much more fun not to have to look down my nose at my monitor. I use an old 4×3 19″ monitor because it’s the best picture I can get (and getting a 4×3 is hard to do anymore anyway.) When this monitor dies, I’ll have to bite the bullet and get a widescreen, I guess. It’ll suck, because I love this aspect ratio (and 1280×1024 is fine for my eyes.)

What I really want to do is buy up any good-condition used 19″ monitors so that I won’t have to use those silly widescreen junk. I don’t disparage widescreen for any reason other than I’m an old-school computer guy who used a TV as his first monitor. So I’ve been on the 4×3 aspect ratio since I was 12. And you know, the 12″ TV I had for my monitor back in the day is STILL working. Granted it doesn’t get any broadcast now, but I plugged a VCR into the RF and could STILL see the movie. How’s THAT for good engineering?

It’s not a great picture, mind you. But it’s still functional. I’ve got two LCD TV’s that are no longer working (though they did last a paltry 10 years.) Still, that’s a pretty good track record for televisions.

I guess I’ll clean my computer glasses and give my monitor a dusting… so it’ll last longer (I’ve had this LCD for 12 years…. it was expensive back in the day…. but WORTH it.)