Mechanical Keyboards Again

I do admit I talk too much about mechanical keyboards. I like them quite a bit, but my WASD keyboard (as awesome as it is) is too big for my tray. If I use it I have to put my mouse on the very edge of my tray. It’s not terrible when you’re just surfing the web, but playing a game requires more space for the mouse. I often toyed with the idea of going back to the trackball, but the only one that works well for me only has two buttons. I have to emulate the middle click (that I have come to rely on in Linux), which is less than ideal and very hard to accomplish with a finger trackball.  I am still on the fence about it. Because I have used a thumb-trackball and it really messes up my tendons in my hand. (And good luck finding a left-handed one for less than $300).

I used to think as a Nethack player, I needed to have a keypad. But I have found the best way to play is with the VIM keys (H-J-K-L) to move around the dungeon. I am still learning how not to die early in the game (I’ve made it to the 2nd floor once with my new MATE edition of Ubuntu. I forget how many times I died on the 1st floor with my other distro.)

I’d really like to have my character last a bit longer, but I’m not too worried. I love the game. It’s not going to give you any slack, so if you mess up, it might cost you your character. It’s a permadeath game too. Come to think of it, it’s the only permadeath game I like. 🙂