WASD Keyboards are awesome

WASD keyboards are da bomb. There, I said it. I love the bloody thing. I have Cherry MX Green keys, with white and green keycaps (and blue Vim cursor keys, and orange WASD keys.) Soon to have a Debian logo for my ESC key and Navy Blue WASD with arrows. Neat, eh?

The thing about mechanical keyboards is either you don’t like the sound or you do. I do. I’ve always had that affinity (I wish I still had my Model M.) And it feels better while typing. It’s not ergonomic, but it’s also not spongy. It’s perfect for me. I make mistakes typing, so the feel of the keyboard is important, so I know where my hand needs to go to hit backspace, etc.

I used to use (daily) a Filco Tenkeyless Ninja keyboard (I’m munging up the name, but it’s a Filco Tenkeyless) with Cherry MX Black keys. It’s a bit harder to use, and good to use even for long marathon games of Zork. The only problem is (was) with it was the lack of a numeric keypad. The only reason I need a keypad is because I’m going to ascend in Nethack. By gum, I’m going to do it. I’m not going to die on the 3rd level. Not anymore. 🙂

Anyway, this has been a slow week (and it’s only Monday.)  I’ve got more junk to think about and spew, so it’ll show up soon. Otherwise…. NACHOS!!!