Hard Disks/System Load

I’m having a weird problem with one of my HDD’s and crashing browsers. What I thought was a stability problem with Firefox seems to happen with all browsers (Chrome/Chromium/Opera) and it happens during heavy disk/CPU load. It’s not intermittent, either. I can safely crash Opera and Chromium at will with a huge CPU load. It could be heat related, because before I moved this PC out away from the desk, it would lock up solid. It really did it often in high-stress GUI environments like Cinnamon or Unity.  Actually, I think it’s high CPU load alone that does it. The fact that the thing I am using to generate the high CPU load is a PAR program for usenet binaries is irrelevant. It’s a weird deal that may be exacerbated by the ambient temperature. I will have to investigate further, but I think cooling is an issue. It’s not as bad as it was when it would lock up, but I suspect that if I use a high-load (encoding movies, repairing usenet binaries, etc.) I should avoid trying to tax the CPU with flash or HTML 5.

No, it’s not porn that I’m getting from usenet (though there is a lot of it.) I am getting images of trains and old warez from the Amiga/ST/C64/800xl days. They are small, but numerous and often in need of repair. If you want to see the extent of porn on Usenet, just take a gander at the message sizes for some of the porn groups. 😉 It’s petabytes of porn (spooky.)