Family Guy/American Dad

To put it mildly, they suck. They ceased being satire and became a mouthpiece for Seth MacFarlane’s nonsensical progressive screeds. After reading what the Wilson Administration did (and Hoover/Roosevelt) to America, I’m surprised Seth can look at himself in the mirror. The wholesale slaughter of liberty was not only codified, it was set in stone, never to be revived. Sure, we provide lip service to liberty (even Hillary does that, though she’s lying) but in the end, we’re just marching to the slaughterhouse with the celebrities and other “important” useful idiots leading the way.

Social Justice means totalitarianism. It means censorship. It means a loss of property rights. It means a loss of liberty. And it is what Seth and his ilk want for America. Why? Because they don’t have to think. And more importantly, they don’t “think” they’re going to be hit by the wholesale rape of the upper and middle classes. Why? Because they think if they donate enough, protest enough, and dangit just plain be serious about it enough, that the machine of totalitarianism will pass them by.

Think you don’t pay enough in taxes? There’s a box you can fill in and put your justice amount in. Don’t make others do something you feel guilty for not doing. And for once in your lives, celebrities, THINK.