I think I’m done with Twitter

I say this often, but this time I’m just not interested anymore. I cultivated a small following (of some bands, some websites and people who I liked to read), but I didn’t care who followed me. I guess I’m just not that interested in popularity. I never was, really. And so much of twitter relies on your “like” ratio, and whether or not you get tons of complaints from people who don’t like what you say. I really don’t care, because it’s certainly not a forum for actual discussion. At 140 characters a pop, you can’t easily express linguistic nuance, nor can you filter the idiotic chaff of trolls without a lot of work. I don’t mind the trolls, but when you’re trying to discuss something properly, a bunch of silly stuff gets in the way (perhaps that’s by design to create noise that makes tweets seem less coherent. That certainly would explain the S/N ratio on twitter.com).

Twitter takes too much time. I have things I want to do, and I figured recently that a good 12 hours a week or more (5 day/week period Mon-Fri) is spent repeating myself on Twitter. Couple that with the inane idiocy of the “Safety Council”, and you’ve got a waste of time and energy rather than a quick time-waster between compiles. I need to start playing my backlog of games too, or I’ll forget where I was and have to start over (I think I am going to have to start over on Darkest Dungeon…. and a good thing, too. I really suck at that game.)

So people who like Twitter can continue to like it. I’m not trying to convince people to ditch the site. I simply am not interested anymore. And the “powers that be” in the Social Media realm have polar opposite views to mine, and I run the risk of being banned anyway. Let them have their fun. I’m out. Good to talk to most of my twitter follow-list. Some needed to take a chill-pill when people disagree, but they generally blocked me anyway because I was a “troll”. *shrug* Good for them. But I’m out. I’m done. I’ll write more here in the meantime anyway. But now it’s off to watch some TV and rest my mouse pointing shoulder.