When did becoming offended be a valid response to an argument?

I don’t get it. “I’m offended” or “shaming” in general has become the go-to response to diverse opinions. You can’t have an opinion in 2016 that is contrary to the status-quo (that being the Social Justice position.)  You can’t insult “marginalized” groups. You can’t make jokes about things other people find offensive. You can’t disagree without being called a harasser, a fascist, or a misogynist. Things have gotten very socialistic in the land of the Free. And I frankly don’t like it one bit.

People need to grow up. People need to follow thousands (THOUSANDS, folks) of years of civilization that treated words as words… not daggers that “wound” precious snowflakes. In all of recorded history, this generation we currently are suffering with is the most wimpy, whiny, indecisive, Puritanical and downright fascist we’ve ever seen (and that includes the damn Nazis!) I give up. I don’t get the point of all this baloney about “intersectional” and nonsense like “Gender Studies.”  Gender studies are simply degrees that guarantee a cushy job washing lettuce at McDowell’s. STEM is being marginalized by thought police. George Orwell was eerily prophetic, and I can’t help but laugh that the previous generation (mine) that fought the PMRC and video game “violence” crusades is now stuck with a bunch of people who make Jack Thompson and the PMRC look positively calm and normal. Where did we go wrong?

We stopped requiring success. We hand out success like we hand out candy during Halloween. No one earns anything anymore. My degree (CompSci) was hard and not for the faint of heart, but I didn’t expect to be called a “EE” because I knew C and HTML. Nowadays, kids get rewarded for doing what is required, not for being exceptional. This has to stop. The people perpetuating this bullshit need to be stopped. The future of the Constitution and our Republic demands it.

So if you’re reading this and seething with anger about my flippant portrayal of “snowflakes”, you are part of the problem.

As an aside, Anvil wrote a song about of gun control… they’re really pissing me off…. damn Canadians.