RPGs on the decline again

After the early 90’s, RPGs were hitting the back burner and generally were niche products that weren’t part of the mainstream. Perhaps it was because the genre was saturated in the 80’s, or perhaps complex interfaces that required a mouse/keyboard were not attractive to the console generations. As a long-time computer game player, I do say that some of the interfaces devised for RPGs (Oblivion, and so forth) are very good on consoles as well as PCs. I played all the Mass Effect games (which only one was really an RPG) on consoles and didn’t regret not buying the PC versions. After Microsoft became pedantic about their “phone home” and “you don’t own that” mentality regarding their OS, I didn’t have much in the way of RPGs to play because my computers were never state of the art. But the rise of the First-Person Shooter really put a damper on RPG game production.

Maybe I’m getting old, but I like my combat to be intricate (hopefully turn-based or timer-based) and I enjoy having the freedom to make myself a good or bad guy based on my actions and interactions. It’s not so much to ask, considering Fable 2 got that way without much of the “RP” in “RPG.” (I was able to make myself a huge fat devil with horns and a generally rotten appearance.) The problem with Fable 2 was the fact that the only thing that mattered very much was weaponry. Armor was for show, and if you got some good stuff it was decoration. At least that’s how I found the game to be. I might’ve been missing the subtleties, though.

I’ll write more on this later…