I decided early on not to get involved in categories on this blog. I ramble, and I often ramble from one subject to the next. So if I were to categorize, my train of thought would go south on me faster than greased monkey crap. Like for instance, I’m done talking about categories and am going to be moving on to Raspberry Pi stuff.

So I was reading that the Raspberry Pi would be a good platform to host files on your LAN.  I have quite a few Raspberry Pis floating around the computer desk. I think I’ve got 3 or 4 total. One original and 2 or 3 B+’s. I don’t have a Zero or a 2, but I do have a BananaPi, a Beaglebone Black, a CHiP and a Creator C2 (it’s MIPS).  So I think I’ll toss off the end of the Raspberry Pi (when I get the right hub) a couple of USB drives so I can share files easily without opening up my desktops to sharing anything other than printers. 😉 In the meantime, I’ve got books about ARM assembly and I think I’m going to go through them. I have an x86-64 assembly book that I’ll save until I’ve gotten my feet wet again with ARM. It’s a hobby idea of mine to fiddle at the chip level. It’s not that I’m going to run some amazing low-level awesome apps that scream along the bare metal. I still love Python. I also have a RiscOS programming book, so one of my Pis will have to have RiscOS installed on it at some point. 🙂

The best laid plans… Still, I think since I’m done with social media (sticking to watching Youtube videos and IRC) I will have more time to fiddle with all my side projects. Life’s too short not to be programming. I do it all day and I’m still not burned out by it in the evening. I think I’m hooked. 😉