David Gilmour

I admit it, as much as I love heavy metal (all sorts of sub-genres) I am still in awe of David Gilmour.  Mainly because of this:

I love Richard Wright’s vocals on this one. It really captures the sense of desperation contrasting off of Gilmour’s bloody amazing guitar work. Did I say amazing? I means REALLY REALLY REALLY amazing. I realize that Roger Waters sang the original on The Wall, but this version is as good, if not better than the album version. There have been tons of variations on the song from Gilmour and Waters (and others) but Gilmour’s arrangements make me all tingly. 🙂

He’s a genius on the guitar. I don’t know much about him (and that’s fine, considering most musicians are idiots), but as a player, he is my Jimi Hendrix… my Eddie Van Halen…

I wasn’t old enough to be a fan during the height of Pink Floyd, but I have been a fan since 1992’s “The Division Bell”. It changed my musical tastes forever. The melancholy and massiveness of the sound is something you don’t hear today, mainly because most players aren’t trained properly in the fundamentals. Anyhow, David Gilmour is awesome.