Dragon Age: Inquisition

Okay, either I’m getting REALLY bad at games, or there is a distinct lack of QC at major development houses. I admit that I’m only a little way into the main story of DA:Inquisition, but for goodness’ sake. I keep getting killed not by demons or fades, but by Templar army regulars (not actually the Knights themselves!) I ask you, when the game says “expand territory, defeat mages/templars, gather resources” and you DO that only to get hacked to death right after closing a rift, how is that “progress” in the game? The fighting isn’t challenging, it’s random and flailing (even with the “tactical” camera). Your NPC folks are blithering idiots who wander aimlessly attacking then moving onward, even when you tell them to “strike this enemy”.  It just seems the combat isn’t fleshed out. It seems tacked on as a last-minute addition to the game. The tactical portion is atrociously set up so you have to struggle to get things through to the team. Goodness knows what a travesty it will be if you have more than 4 in your party.

The story hasn’t wowed me just yet either. I did the intro, closed the main rift (or “stabilized” it) and died SEVERAL times trying to use my power to block the demon’s rift recharge. My reward is to spread the Inquisition and kill all the enemies. Or something like that. Like any good RPG (or mediocre one in this case) you don’t get the answers you seek right off the bat. You have to travel to cryptic person after cryptic person and getting one or two clues that tell you where to go next. It seems like an endless set of FedEx quests. There’s abundant resources just laying about in the “Hinterlands” but no one is really gathering them, so you have to do it. Your mage spends most of his time freezing people (which works for a few rounds, but generally doesn’t faze certain troops from the Templars.) And to top it off, you’re a giant Kunari (sp?) that is prone to getting swatted by tiny enemies. They’re like kryptonite. 🙂

I only paid $18.99 for the game (not going to give EA any money or reward their stupidity), but so far, I’ve gotten about $.75 worth of fun out of it. Will I go back to it? Maybe. The only RPG I’ve not stopped playing (and given up) is Wasteland 2. I love that game, and yes it’s hard as heck, but it’s a good hard. It’s not this “we’ll randomly adjust difficulty” hard that is just a programming shortcut to good gameplay.  I will get back to that one now, after I have some fun playing my old 2600 games on a 42″ TV. 🙂


Bottom line: Dragon Age-Inquisition is not that great. It was better than Dragon Age 2, but that’s like saying boils on your butt are better than malaria. It certainly is a true statement, but who wants boils on their butt?