I noticed that after the Christmas break I did nothing that I set out to do in December. For that matter, I didn’t do anything I set out to do since July. No matter, since I’m pacing myself. I have plans  so that I know what to shoot for. I don’t have plans to look at what I haven’t done yet.

After 33 years of using computers, I finally have to switch hands with the mouse. I guess years of pushing that little bastard around the desk caught up with my right shoulder blade. Ah well, I’m left-handed anyway. I am trying not to slouch while using a computer as well, but like at work, uncomfortable chairs seem to be the norm. I suppose if I spent $1000 on a super-ergo-fashion chair it’d help. I doubt it would last, though. None of my chairs have ever lasted more than a few years. Of course back when I got chairs for $5 when a bank remodeled and changed color schemes, they lasted a bit longer. I recall with great fondness the command chairs of old. These days you’re lucky to get half the use out of one.

I need to finish fiddling with my Banana Pi so I can get ready to NAS it. 🙂 I’m not sure what to do first, since I really need to buy a decent eSATA box, preferably with 3 or more bays. It’s neat that this Banana Pi has an eSATA port. 🙂

Ah well. I think I’m going to hit the hay before I pass out.