Death Metal

I love death metal. I’ve loved death metal since Death’s “Scream Bloody Gore.”  I bought that cassette solely on the cover. I loved it. The problem with the 80’s is the distinct lack of information. You either had to buy 20 magazines to keep up with the scene, or invest in a good tape-trading group. I didn’t want to waste my limited funds on magazines as well as music, so I stuck with what I could find at Coconut’s and so forth. (Remember record stores? I miss them.)

Then comes Obituary. I picked up “Cause of Death” because well, it was Florida Death Metal (and it wasn’t Cannibal Corpse. Nothing against CC, I’m just not a fan.) And it had the same artwork as an H.P. Lovecraft anthology I bought at a used bookstore. Well, I wasn’t disappointed.. I friggin’ love C.o.D. 🙂 It was a love affair that lasts to this day.  Speaking of which:

Here’s the list of albums I can listen to even today after thousands of plays:

  1. Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers (my first DP record.) Loved it.
  2. Asia – Asia (yeah yeah, the songs are catchy, and I like it. Bugger off.)
  3. Metal Church – Metal Church (insane riffage. Makes me me giddy just thinking about it.) I also love Blessing in Disguise
  4. Twisted Sister (all of their studio albums.)  I can tell you when the solos kick in and which solo is which on Stay Hungry. I listened to it THAT much. I never tire of it. Twisted Sister is my favorite band of all time. I can even air-drum to EACH track on Stay Hungry. 🙂
  5. Testament – The New Order (phenomenal album) I used to listen to this when I went to work and back… great road tunes.
  6. Manowar – Kings of Metal (2nd Manowar record and I liked it better than Fighting the World.)
  7. Overkill – The Years of Decay (1989 was a shitty year. First year college student, broke, and wishing I had more free time. I just friggin’ loved this cassette.)
  8. Quiet Riot (Down to the Bone, Metal Health, QR3, Condition Critical) Love these guys and their music. QR3 is my favorite among them.
  9. Ensiferum (first CD) Catchy as hell and great writing.
  10. Obituary – Cause of Death
  11. Death – Scream Bloody Gore
  12. Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force (debut).
  13. Blade Runner Soundtrack
  14. King Diamond – Them (my first KD record and it rules.) I love most of KD’s work though. Not a dud in the bunch.
  15. Van Halen – 1984 Because it was my first “rock” record after “Metal Health” (which was, coincidentally, metal.)
  16. Powermad – Absolute Power (riffage galore and some of the best vocals this side of Bruce Dickinson.)
  17. Speaking of: Iron Maiden – 7th Son of a 7th Son/Powerslave/Somewhere in Time/Number of the Beast
  18. Megadeth – Peace Sells/So Far So Good So What? Fucking phenomenal
  19. Metallica – Master of Puppets/Ride the Lightning/5.98 EP. (I love their covers: Breadfan is the bomb-bay!)
  20. Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell (DUH!)

Heck, I have quite a list. Most of them bring back great memories. The new stuff is sprinkled in there, because well, I tend not to be in any sort of “nostalgic” mood. I just love good music. I have lots of bands I love. I have lots of bands I like. And I even have bands I don’t necessarily listen to but respect for their musical ability.

I just like heavy metal, I guess. I have since I was 12. It is all Twisted Sister’s fault. I was (and always will be) a nonconformist. I bucked the trends in music. I never stuck with any fad genres, and I never liked pop music. I am all about the fuzzed out loud guitars and bombastic drums that make your ribs shake. Rap, Grunge, Pop, Alternative, Salsa… they can all keep their music. I will die listening to metal. And that’s a great thing.


Holy shit. I forgot two records that I need on my Desert Island set!

Keepers 1 and 2 by Helloween. 🙂 I friggin’ LOVE Helloween. 🙂