Galactic Civilizations 2

This is a great game. I know that 3 is already out and yes, I own it, but I’ve been addicted to playing 2 ever since Thanksgiving. I have no idea why.  But I realized that turn-based gaming is making a comeback, which is great news. I love turn-based games because they don’t reward twitchy responses. You have to think. That’s the beauty of turn-based.

Don’t get me wrong, I love RTS games too (Total Annihilation is my all-time favorite followed closely by Warcraft 2), but turn-based games give me the freedom to think and the time to ponder my moves. Heck most JRPGs have some form of turn-based combat. I am one of those folks who likes to pour over data before taking my turn. Some say it’s obsessive, but others say it’s just plain weird. Well, they’re both right. I still love playing them though.

Time to fire up the Ballchinian Collective save again and see if I can get any appreciable military might (or will Lord Truckster simply be paying tribute to the other races all through the game?)