Space Combat in 52 cards (or less)

I remember online a neat card game that used a regular deck and created a space combat game. For the life of me, I can’t find the rules. So I decided I’d dip my hand into the cookie jar and see if I can make one up myself. It’ll be using the regular 52 card deck, one side is red, the other is black. (That’ll give the red half diamonds/hearts, and the black half spades/clubs to the 2 players respectively.)


So far, I’ve got the first bit of inner working stuff laid out. It’s preliminary and ship size is fairly fluid at the moment. I may set up a certain amount of subtleties as things go on w/r/t the ships themselves.

Aces are main command ships. Lose them and you’re done. You have two of course.

Kings are dreadnoughts with many guns and shots per turn.

Queens are Frigates and slightly less shots per turn, but very armored.

Jacks are carriers that house your waves of fighter ships. (This may change as I balance the game.)

The numerical suits are armaments and whatnot. There will be three 6-sided dice that determine initiative etc. I’ll work on that some after Christmas.

The gist of the game is turn-based combat on a grid-like board. (Hexes, imaginary since the playing cards are quite large.) Each turn will have 3 phases: Arm/repair, position, and fire (if available.) I don’t know if I’ll use movement points or action points but it might be something like that. I’m just starting on this, so it might not be all fleshed out though.

Who knows? When I get done with this, perhaps I can use pygame and make a 2-player computer version (with an A.I.) 😉

I’ll keep you posted.