I’ve been fiddling around playing this game and that (generally Galciv and Heroes of Might and Magic), and I thought I might give those games a rest (goodness knows I’m not that good at them).  So I picked a random Wii game I had lying around: Rune Factory Frontier. It’s a bit weird to start out (and I hope I planted my turnips correctly. I forgot to hoe before planting), but overall it’s a fun little game. It seems there is a ton of stuff to do in the game, so I’ll play it off and on for a while until I get the hankering for Fallout 4, or more Galciv. I haven’t mastered Galciv 2 yet, so I don’t feel confident enough to play a full game of Galciv 3. 🙂

Funny thing about Galciv and all of the Civ type turn-based games (including some 4x games like Space Empires) is that I can lose TERRIBLY and not be frustrated. Those type of games are just plain great. I even like wargames when I lose. 🙂 Most games are geared towards punishing you for failing. Strategy games just win and you know exactly why you failed. It doesn’t rest on a twitch or a bad button press when you lose at the strategy games. That’s a satisfying thing. Nothing sucks more than missing a button push and THAT being the only reason your game is over.

That’s not to say I hate arcade or twitch games. I just don’t like to spend the required time to memorize patterns and whatnot to master the games. The last “arcade” game I did that for was SSX-Tricky on the XBox. I had all but one slope unlocked and all but one gold medal in the game. I could zip through a course and remember all the great bonus spots… sadly I couldn’t play it now to save my skin, but that’s the nature of those type games.

Strategy games are different. They reward patience and forethought. Sure there’s some luck involved, but most of the time luck has nothing to do with it (unless you auto-resolve combat.) So pick up a strategy game or two. You’ll be surprised how much you enjoy them.