Time to be more regular

No, I don’t mean getting more fiber in your diet, although that is good advice. What I’m talking about is me, your friendly neighborhood gluesponge, writing to this blog more regularly. I probably will transition other things to this blog, except for the obvious things that fit my other posting habits. (Games and other fluff stuff will probably go here too, but I am still up in the air about that.)

I have this nice new mechanical keyboard, so why not use it, right? I’ll think of a thing or two to write every day starting really soon (today doesn’t count.) Eventually it’ll be a daily thing that will probably happen in the evenings after work. I might even do two or three on the weekends.

I read somewhere (on another blog) that writing is a good thing to get into the habit of being regular about it. I think I will take that advice and be more keen on writing something more than when it suits me (or when I get a bug up my butt about something.) Some may be short, but others may be long and rambling. They will be sparsely edited for grammar shortcomings, but when I see a really pitiful sentence, I may clean it up. 🙂