Pygame update and other things…

Well, I had intended on fiddling with pygame and make a simple translation of one of the Microhistory board games, but I got distracted. First, I had a few issues with my computers (they are old, and as such they don’t like to be “workable” all the time.) And I toyed with my $9 Athlon PC for longer than I should have. It’s now got 4.5GB of RAM and a whopping 80GB hard drive. It’s running Debian 8…. and I love the little spunky $9 PC. 🙂

I finally (well a couple of weeks ago) decided to update my main PC, the Dell refurb that I have had for close to 6 years almost. It was a dual-core Athlon (not unlike my $9 PC, only clocked higher), with 6GB of RAM and a 500GB/1TB drive pair. I had recently upped the PSU to 500W and the optical drive to Blu Ray (a rather cheap LG OEM job that is really killer.)  It has served me well for a long time, having gone through an onboard AMD 2400 GPU to a GeForce GT 610 and finally a GT 730.

The machine began acting funny on bootup with some odd beeps (one high and one low beep… never bothered to look it up) and finally a “keyboard not found” error that took it long after the desktop booted before it “found” it again. Granted, I thought that might be my KVM, but this was the only PC doing this. Suffice to say, I didn’t need another excuse to buy a new rig, since it had been a while since I got something with more than a couple of cores, so I went to eBay because I saw a store front in the dim past that had some good deals on barebones systems. So I hit up a few and found a good deal on a quad-core Athlon with 16GB and a 480W PSU (with a godawful blue case that I just loved… because it was so hideous!) So when it got here, I cannibalized my old PC and satisfied the new PC’s extra space. 🙂 So after a few missteps (I put the boot drive on the 2nd channel, and the old boot drive on the 1st channel… and I didn’t have enough power spacers to get the dual optical thing working), but after all that… it works fine.

I tried Ubuntu, and it kept locking up. So I switched to Mint (which is what my old dual machine was running) XFCE and it worked like a charm. Mint rules!

So will I get back to the pygame thing in the future… sooner rather than later, because I’m STILL tweaking my wonderful new PC.