Fun and excitement 140 characters at a time

I admit, I tend to be a glutton for punishment. I spend too much time arguing on Twitter. It’s not productive, and it’s not easy to convey subtle meanings in 140 characters (minus the name of the random person you’re talking to.) Most people are easygoing enough, but there are always outliers (and in the case of Trump and Sanders supporters, LOTS of them). I am tickled pink that someone supports both of these folks, but their politics are not what these people are leaping into. It’s hard to explain in 140 characters that these folks (Sanders/Trump) are using the “faithful” for an agenda that will eventually enslave them.

Case in point: The “income gap.” Sanders is keen on pushing the “1%” narrative as if there’s some sinister club of people stealing money from the rest of us. The premise itself is nonsense, because it assumes a zero-sum game (a finite supply of wealth), yet in his tweets he keeps saying “99% of the -new- money goes to the top 1%”. That right there contradicts his narrative, but in this age of “I want what YOU got, and I don’t want to work for it”, petulant children lap this confirmation bias up. I’m not one to be completely dismissive of an idea (no matter how strange it sounds), but the idea that the government can tell me how much money I can make is a scary proposition.

These precious snowflakes need to think hard about this, because the real world will come soon, and they’ll have to live with the whiny “have/have-not” choices they made as stupid college kids. I will be old enough to enjoy when they turn libertarian and want the government off their back and out of their lives. I hope I don’t miss the hilarity.