Mechanical Keyboards revisited

After many moons using a CherryMX-Black keyboard (Filco Tenkeyless), I decided to get a numeric keypad back. I realized I used it with things I had previously dismissed (like my infrequent and frustrating trips down the dungeon in Nethack).

So I got one from WASD (great company btw). I got one with CherryMX-Green keys. It is a functionally equivalent keyboard to my Filco, and it’s comfortable enough to be used moderately. The problem arose as my hands started to hurt. I didn’t have this problem for decades of computer use (even a C64 keyboard), so I just chalked it up to old age and didn’t pay much attention to it. It got worse, so I dug around for my Microsoft Curve. In a couple of days, the pain went away. I knew it was either the heaviness of the keycaps, or the shape of the keyboard.

After much fiddling, I have come to the conclusion it’s not the shape but the amount of effort put into “hitting” the keys. This old Curve has light touch and very easy travel (it’s a membrane keyboard after all). My two mechanical ones didn’t have that feature, and as such it was extremely difficult at times to type for long periods (I’m a programmer, so I type quite a bit).

So what to do? I love these mechanical keyboards. I guess I’ll have to find one with a lighter travel (Blue keycaps perhaps?) or just use the Curve and remember my fingers aren’t as nimble as they once were. 🙂