White Privilege? Seriously?

I have read quite a bit about “white privilege”, and quite frankly, the more I read, the more I realize it’s not only not true, it’s a miserable attempt at blaming someone’s skin color for achievement. It’s not about “special, unknown benefits all white men enjoy”, no.. it’s about whining when the white man does better than you. Somehow it’s his fault. Somehow he is responsible for your lack of initiative, drive, and intellect. It’s the White Privilege that keeps your ambition to levels so low it can’t be measured.

Here are some facts that are not in dispute (but try to be, because they infect the narrative of the grievance-mongers who claim White Privilege is a thing):

1. Blacks and whites have been going to the same schools since the late 1960s. Integration, rather forced integration, has been in effect for at least two generations (more in some “progressive” states). They have access to the same teachers, books, libraries, free breakfast and free lunch programs, after school tutoring and in the case of blacks, access to mentors and reduced test scores for admission to college or to obtain scholarships. There are organizations made specifically for blacks that can ONLY have black applicants for grants/scholarships. Typically when scholarships are open to all races, the black applicants have a lower bar to hit in terms of GPA and SAT/ACT scores. I know you’re fuming right now saying “where’s the evidence!!!” Just look at a college entrance booklet. Any one will do. I can show you a booklet from 1988 that has scholarships for blacks only (full ride) where the GPA is 3.0 and the SAT score is only 960. For integrated scholarships, while GPAs for blacks are 3.0 or 2.5 and SAT scores under 1000, the same applicant (if he’s white) has to have a 4.0 GPA and 1250 minimum on SAT score.  This from the integrated group of students who had the same teachers, the same classrooms, and the same opportunity. So much for equality.

2. Asians are thriving in the United States with the lowest level of per-capita poverty than any other race represented in the US. They on average earn twice as much as blacks, latinos, and whites. They are more likely to get a bachelor’s, master’s or even PhD than their non-asian counterparts. If there is such a thing as “White Privilege” then why aren’t Asians suffering and falling behind? After all, non-whites claim systemic racism all the time, well, except Asians.

3. Affirmative Action has created a climate of quotas in our nation’s universities that even Asians are being discriminated against as applicants, because somewhere, there’s a race-baiting asshole like Al Sharpton willing to sit and protest a college because “not enough blacks” are on the attendance roles. When you turn away MORE than qualified applicants because you have to have X% blacks in a school, you’re doing something WRONG.

So, dear friends, White Privilege is just a code phrase for “I hate whitey.” It’s not about facts. It’s about bullshit. And anyone who says otherwise is part of the problem. That includes whites who have “guilt” over being white. The only guilt you should feel is how stupid you sound claiming “White Privilege” exists. You’d be thought less stupid if you believed in Bigfoot.

So, Progressives, NAACP members, Black Panthers, etc. Let me be the first Irishman to tell you to FUCK RIGHT OFF. Peddle your bullshit elsewhere. No one’s buying it.