I’m thinking of making a game using PyGame…

I  am actually not making one from scratch, but I found at the local Half-Price Books a couple of Metagaming microhistory board games that look like they’d be fun to try to make a 2-player hotseat game (before attempting to making anything resembling a computer player.)

I think I’ll do it like Avalon Hill used to do with their hybrid games on the old Atari computers (and Commdores I suspect). The game had counters/hexes and the screen told you where to put the pieces. I think I can manage a map and counters, but I’ll have to handle some of the other things in code, rather than on the board itself. (In the particular game I’m going to try called “Rommel’s Panzers”, there is off-board artillery, die rolls, and buildings to contend with. I think with some random numbers and decision trees, I can make some reasonably good scenarios. 🙂

Wonder if there’s a decent line-of-sight routine I can find somewhere? 🙂 If not, this game will be fought with no obstacles, just distance. 🙂

I’ll keep up with documenting this endeavor (as much as I can remember to) on here. If it becomes a chore, I’ll probably abandon it and look to make it my mission to find the 2 player space combat game that uses a regular deck of cards (I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called, but it sounded FUN.)