Twitter and “Social” anything…

I’ve decided to re-vamp my use of Twitter. In the past, it’s been 140 characters of nonsense between monolithically ignorant jerks who prowl the internet trolling for fun, and the occasionally reasonable conversation with semi-normal people. Quite frankly, the denizens attracted to social media are, to put it bluntly, damaged. I deactivated my original Twitter account and decided, rather thoughtfully after spending some time in hospital, following things I enjoy (Raspberry Pi, Python, Linux, etc.) makes more sense.  I no longer follow the “controversial” nonsense. I don’t follow the pseudo-techies who are simply grievance-mongers in disguise. (Note to the reader: If you call yourself a contributor to a BSD/Linux distro, be sure you actually have contributed.) The war on Twitter for the soul of freedom and individuality is lost. The noisiest, most prolific (yet sparse in number) hate-mongers on Twitter have turned it into an echo-chamber for the Tumblr/Bored Idiot/”Social Justice” Gestapo crowd.

Does it bother me? Yes, in a way, it has tainted technology. The stupidly anti-freedom idiots on Twitter have successfully corralled off a piece of the Internet again. First it was LiveJournal. Next came Myspace. Follow that up with Tumblr. Now that they have Twitter, I am certain their next target will be anything their expensive iPhones can connect to with little effort. Technology has created a wonderful new world. The accessibility of technology has created an online world as stupid, underhanded, and chock-full-o-nuts as the real world.  I’ve been around computers in one form or another since I was 8. Got my first computer (an Atari 800xl) in 1983. It was a wonderful toy, but it took effort to unlock its secrets. Now, any soccer mom with a credit card can get on the web and spew her socially-mobile nonsense to impress her “play date” pals.

I am not a person who longs for the “pure” days of the past, but you have to admit the democratization of technology has had one bad side effect: It amplifies stupid. Technology didn’t lift us out of the stupid end of the pool. It just made the stupid end much bigger.

I hope one day we figure out there’s no “us” or “them”… just “we.” (That goes doubly for the Social Justice Inquisition.)