WASD Keyboard Co. is the bees-knees.

I got my keyboard (WASD brand, in case you were asleep when you clicked on this one), and it’s great. I love the quality of the keycaps and the solid feel of the heavy, black case. I didn’t go with a huge amount of colors with my keycaps this time. I chose white keys for alphanumeric and green for everything else. 🙂

The sheer amount of customization and styling you can do to a keyboard blew me away. It’s really very cool, and part of the price to boot (they don’t charge for the colors.) You can get key dampers, different switches (keyboard wide of course), and you can even have custom key prints if you so desire. (There’s a gallery at their site that shows all the various combinations of caps/colors/lettering they can do.)

Wonderful company. FABULOUS keyboard.