Finding a decent keyboard

THAT is a hard task, to be sure. I had a fairly good one with my Filco tenkeyless, but I found out that I really DO need a little lighter action on the keys (it was Cherry MX Black). It’s not a bad keyboard, to be sure. It’s a great one, in fact. My fingers are just getting old, and I was woefully unaware the “silent” key-clicks that the Filco had was at the cost of heavy strokes for my fingers. I am not a traditional typist, and my fingers frequently move all over the keyboard. It helps me change keyboards easily (like the workstation I use at my job), but it can be hell on my wrists and fingers.

So, I went to WASD keyboards and had one made with some colorful keys, and Cherry Mx Red switches, if for no other reason than to make it lighter to the touch.

It’s not a bad keyboard (should be here in a week or two.) In the meantime, I am using a $7 iHome keyboard with a bit of a ghosting problem… I suspect it’s my USB extension cable. Thankfully the WASD keyboard will have a MUCH longer (detachable) cord. 🙂

I’ll update when it arrives.